Gastronomy and wine tourism

The cuisine of the Baix Empordà is a reflection of its territory: the sea provides the excellent fish and seafood so typical of the cooking of the coast; the plain gives the produce of the field, the market gardens and the fruit orchards, and from the hills we receive meat, cheese and wild fruits and mushrooms. The mixture of all of these is what has given our cuisine this variety of flavors and contrasts.

Our district has a very extensive and varied range of restaurants. Throughout the year, eleven gastronomic campaigns and three gastronomic meetings are held in the district, each one at the time of year when the product in question is in ideal conditions for eating.

Empordà is one of the oldest wine producing region in the world since the ancient Greek first settled in the area. Today Empordà has a great variety of wines D.O. (destination of origin) with a large fame and popularity in many markets. The red wines are high quality, full-bodied, well-structured and harmonious, while white wines are fresh and flavorsome.  Some of the district wineries offer different activities to their visitors such as visiting cellars, tasting wines and strolls through the vineyards.