Heritage and monuments

The Empordà has always been the cradle of Mediterranean cultures. These cultures have left their mark both into the heritage and into the culture and identity of its inhabitants. From the Encís you can visit historic sites, walled towns, castles, churches... and rediscover the roots of these lands.

It is notably remarkable the ruins of Empuries (20km from the farmhouse). These site is unique in the whole Península Ibérica due to the cohabitation of old Roman and Greek cities. The site is established at an exceptional location in front of the sea.

We also invite you to visit the medieval legacy of Romanesque and Gothic present in many churches, castles and villages in the region as well as in our own village Casavells. Notably villages like Pals or Peratallada (10km), Cruïlles and Monells (4km), Corçà and Ullastret (2km) and the city of Girona. The Castle of Torroella that crowns the Montgrí is a good opportunity to enjoy the view across the county and the “Illes Medes”.